What about charge-offs?

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Charge-offs can be removed. First it's important to understand that there are two types of charge-offs: paid and unpaid. The older the charge-off the easier it is to remove since the original creditor may no longer have any record of the account. Paid charge-offs can be even easier since the creditor has been paid and no longer has a financial reason to spend time or resources on arguing over credit reporting. However, in many cases removing a paid charge-off will actually LOWER your credit score.

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    General Support

    Hello Dee Dee.

    Charge offs generally only stay on your credit report for 7 years. I would start looking at building credit by adding positive accounts.  Feel free to call our friends at Point Boosters to get some help!




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    Dee Dee

    What if one has no credit score? I have a charge-off on my account, which is almost 7 years old. I have never had a credit card. I have no credit score. 

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